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You now have the option to pay your bill online . . . through PayPal


Reach us by phone at:
(804) 320-4395

By Fax at:
(804) 560-2922

Or by Email at:


We are a charter member 
of the
National Association of Professional Pet Sitters



Serving Central Virginia




If you have used our PayPal payment method before - click HERE to go directly to the PayPal website. Be sure to include your invoice number in the Message box.

If this is the first time you want to pay through PayPal - you can PRINT this page for reference, then follow the instructions

You can use your credit card to pay online through PAYPAL - here's how:

Log on to the PAYPAL.COM website -

    Click on PERSONAL
    Click on SEND MONEY




Then fill in the SEND MONEY area -

    FROM: your email address
    AMOUNT: the amount you wish to send
    FOR: Service/Other

Click on the CONTINUE button

    Then fill in the next form with your credit card
information, then click on the AGREE AND
CREATE ACCOUNT button. Follow the
onscreen instructions from there.

    You will only have to complete this procedure
one time. The next time you want to pay through
PAYPAL, you will just log in with your email
address and your PASSWORD then follow the
instructions from there. It's easy and secure.


Before you click on the SEND button -

Please type your INVOICE NUMBER in the MESSAGE box.










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