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Pet Pleasers, Inc. serves your need for pet and home care while you're away ..... . . .  .   .   .    .    .

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We are a charter member 
of the
National Association of Professional Pet Sitters



Serving Central Virginia




Our regular pet care service includes:

  • Morning, mid-day, and evening visits as requested

  • Feed your pets, change their water, and clean up after them

  • Exercise and walk dogs

  • Daily walking services

  • Scoop and change litter boxes

  • Play with the pets and give them lots of love and attention

  • Check for any medical problems; make sure the pets are in good health and take them to the vet in case of any problems

  • Give medications and administer simple medical procedures

We include these complimentary services:

As a matter of course, we perform various complimentary activities designed to give your home that ‘lived-in’  look to deter crime.  Some of what will be done in your home are:

  • Collect your mail and newspapers daily

  • Bring delivered packages safely inside

  • Adjust your home lighting at irregular intervals

  • Turn on/off radio and television sets if requested

  • Water plants, inside and outside

  • Take trash out to the curb

We can also provide these additional services:

  • Overnights

  • Pet Transportation

Our basic services consist of one, two, or three daily visits, each visit consisting of approximately 30 minutes of personal attention to your pets and home. During that time, your Pet Pleasers representative will focus on your pet and your home, providing the specific services you have requested in our service agreement. We can visit more frequently, if desired.

Pet Pleasers, Inc. provides quality care for your pets and home when you cannot be there. More than a pet sitting service, Pet Pleasers, Inc. works diligently to give our clients peace of mind and convenient service by providing a complete pet and home care solution. 

Our services involve an initial personal visit to your home to gain a clear understanding of your specific needs, to establish trust and confidence between you and your Pet Pleasers pet care provider, and to meet the furry children.



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